Joel Christy

- President & CEO -

(843) 475-4230

Bill “Doc” Bartoccini

- Chairman -

(843) 364-0599

George Puckett

- CTO -

(843) 364-0599

John Seaman

- National Sales Director -

(843) 296-5560

Jim Hirni

- Gov't Liaison & Corporate Affairs -

(202) 680-3434

Bill Hoffman

- CTO -

(704) 517-9393

Joshua Smith

- Chief Systems Architect -

(843) 377-3573

Jeremy Still

- Hardware Specialist -

(843) 499-6248


With more than 125 years of combined management experience, the principals of SentinelWorks are senior level executives who have worked with Fortune 100 companies. They are also founders of successful companies in the healthcare and building trade industries. Some of the team's more notable accomplishments include managing companies dedicated to the design, programming and implementation of software and systems for the following:

  • Artificial heart functionality

  • Retinal scanning security systems

  • Secure credit card processing

  • Healthcare information systems

  • Pharmacy management software and dispensing systems

  • Commercial and Residential Building Development Companies

  • Department of Defense Supply Chain management systems

  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)


SentinelWorks is dedicated to the creation, development and implementation of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) which facilitates the management of energy consumption. SentinelWorks will continue to focus on software development which supports complimentary hardware providing an enterprise-wide solution.

SentinelWorks will operate its business with the highest level of integrity; always sensitive to understanding and responding to the needs of our customers, vendors; our employees and their families. We will honor GOD in all our actions and always turn to Him for wisdom and direction.

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