Environmental sustainability, reducing energy consumption, and
controlling energy costs are the high-level building blocks of
SentinelWorks Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

Energy management has become the top priority for commercial businesses, large and small, as well as private residential utility customers. Dynamic price fluctuations in recent years have strained operating budgets, leading consumers to pay much more attention to rising energy costs

Economic uncertainty has increased this interest; and the global community has become more aware of the effect energy consumption has on the environment and our carbon footprint.

BrightStar™ analytics helps consumers, utilities, and facilities managers to proactively determine their environmental comfort levels while maximizing cost efficiencies.

BrightStar™ Features

Multi-Site Energy Management Services

Energy usage dashboard and comparison reports viewing multiple locations-ideal for multiple commercial accounts.

Usage can be viewed by facility, in aggregate or day-by-day.

Consumption and cost reporting tools.

Macro to Micro Dynamic View ability to evaluate all locations as a whole with drill down capability to individual locations.

Dynamic Scorecard

Flexible grouping capabilities allow the Utility, Business Owner, and Store Managers to each have appropriate management by exception reporting, and dashboard access.

Data can be exported for analysis to a broad range of industry standard application such as Itron's MV-90, Excel, CSV, and XML.

Systems Optimization (Command & Control)

Automated thermostat control and scheduling tools enabling customers to reduce energy by 10% or more.

Thermostat permission control enabling Facility Managers and Business Owners to set parameters and manage costs.

Consumption and cost reporting tools.

Automated scheduling coupled with trends and analytics allow for maximizing energy efficiency.

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