The BrightStar™ platform is built with an Open Architecture that is meter and hardware agnostic, creating flexibility in collaborating for machine-to-machine solutions. The BrightStar™ software platform works in conjunction with the industries best of class meter manufacturers and gateway communications systems solutions to ensure scalable systems, communication and control. Combined, this offering delivers comprehensive Management Solutions to a broad range of Utilities and small to medium sized commercial business owners and residential customers.

Smart Energy Solutions

SentinelWorks offers energy management solutions such as...

  • Modular and Flexible
  • Web-based and wireless
  • Non-intrusive and power optimized
  • Require no new cabling
  • Managed on one enterprise wide dashboard
  • Accessed remotely or on-site with password protection
  • Provide high levels of online security
  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Provide version updates, data management and monitoring support
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Smart Energy Solutions Electric Utilities continue to adopt solutions for reducing their carbon footprint. Our BrightStar software provides solutions for their customers. Our Brightstar software offers utilities centralized command and control for coincidental peak management.

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Proactive, timely management of natural gas consumption, on at least a daily basis, is crucial to cost considerations related to gas transport and nominated allocation for predicted monthly gas consumption. BrightStar™ provides real time as well as historic consumption data by the hour, day, week, month, or year in a variety of graphing options.

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Management of water consumption is an essential element for preserving this precious natural resource. Climate changes, particularly in the arid areas have experienced water shortages. BrightStar™ provides management functions to monitor water consumption, normal or abnormal, and to alert consumers when anomalies

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