Every school day, more than 54 million students across the nation head to schools to learn. The quality of their education depends on more than just the teacher in the classroom. A high-quality learning environment, including the buildings and rooms where classes are held, has been recognized as a crucial element to the education process. One critical, but often overlooked, piece of the school facilities puzzle is energy management.

The SentinelWorks energy management solutions for schools and school districts will directly help school districts monitor utility consumption.

The BrightStar™ solution allows individual schools to achieve savings by reducing their energy consumption throughout the school system without impacting the educational environment, thus ensuring efficient and effective stewardship of public resources. School boards and school administrators know that the selection of the right energy management system is critical. The SentinelWorks BrightStar™ Energy Management System provides school districts and their individual schools a smart way to address the growing costs of energy, which is typically the second highest cost for schools behind payroll.

SentinelWorks Technology Diagram

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