BrightStar™ is designed to provide consumers and utility companies with an easy to use yet full featured software solution for reducing energy costs through managed consumption. Whether electric, gas, or water our BrightStar™ software manages all three.

Your Business with BrightStar™

Whether a business owner with one or many locations, or a private resident with one or more homes (i.e. vacation home), or even a utility who needs to collect customer meter data real time as often as required and stored historically for as many years as necessary for comparative trend analysis and other analytics applications.

SentinelWorks Technology Diagram
  • A front end Dashboard gives a single or a multi-location Administrator a comprehensive overview of all energy utilization.

  • Ability to see (drill down) the Dash Board of each individual location within a group of locations.

  • Standard repots to follow usage trends and most importantly dollars.
  • Able to create user defined Location Groups and Sub-Groups detail in either macro or microscopic detail for management by exception; especially when a large number of locations are being managed, such as a large Quick Serve Restaurant chain or Utility company.

  • BrightStar™ functionality supports and interacts with DR devices and programs designed by utilities for their customers.
  • Able to import or export user defined data into Excel, CVS & XML . Common record formatting enables an interface with standard industry formats via FTP push or with the MV90 platform.

  • Our hardware agnostic philosophy and open architecture allows BrightStar™ to interact with any Smart Meter or Smart energy device chosen by our customers.

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