Energy Management Solutions That Work For Your Utility

The SentinelWorks innovative software solutions provide critical information which will help utilities improve operational efficiency, manage consumption, save money and build a sustainable future.

With the transition by utilities to the AMI or the fixed-network solution it is important for the utility to have the capability to view and manage the information. SentinelWorks offers analytical tools created to analyze consumer behavior as well as deliver both short and long-term trending capabilities.

The SentinelWorks energy management software solutions provide utilities and their customers with dynamic and real time information they need to control their water, gas and electricity consumption across their entire service area.

Designed from the ground up to be a total, meter-to-screen solution, including: metering and data management, consumer engagement, historic data repository all with complete integration with your existing legacy systems.

SentinelWorks Technology Diagram SentinelWorks Technology Diagram

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